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Mobile Junior Suppliers and Mobile Suppliers

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Mobiles and totes are the corner-stone of the ProHost® System. Hostar planners utilize custom software to determine the exact load plan required for your property. The load plan consists of linen and terry items to be delivered to each section on a daily basis.  Totes are color-coded to identify the contents.
Mobiles are designed with curved corners and revolving bumpers to minimize damage to walls and doors.
Quality caster options are available for carpeted, tile, and exterior settings.
Contents are secured by a tambour door, similar to a roll top desk door. It slides up the track, over the inside-top of the Mobile and rests against the back when the door is open. The Mobile may be locked when left unattended.
Each piece of ProHost® equipment has its own identification plate. The ID plate indicates its specific floor and section. The ID and the associated worksheets and logs help to establish accountability within the housekeeping department.