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Hostar International, Inc.'s ProHost® System Selected for Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center

We are pleased to announce that Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center has partnered with Hostar International Inc. to install the ProHost® Housekeeping System.

Sheraton-Georgetown-Texas-Hotel-Conference-CenterThe Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center consists of 222 guest rooms including 11 suites, arranged over 7 floors. Located on Rivery Boulevard, the mixed-use property anchors the upscale 32-acre Summit at Rivery Park, which overlooks the San Gabriel River  and provides direct access to the hiking and biking trails in Rivery Park.

To provide Housekeeping with the tools to manage high occupancy and fast turn challenges in a tower property, Sheraton Georgetown management selected the ProHost® Business and Convention Solution using a Smart Supplier and Collector Cart combination for the Room Attendant and a Reserve Linen Cart for reserve linen. Power-assist Smart Super Supplier for the Room Attendant cart. This combination is the perfect choice for this high-end -business and conference hotel. Available in two color options, the Sheraton Georgetown team selected the Charcoal and Silver combination. The ProHost® Distribution Process ensures accurate delivery of linen, terry, amenities and supplies to each floor and section using a dedicated restocking team to prepare and replenish the Smart-Suppliers and Reserve Linen Carts.

Hostar International, Inc. enters the Georgetown hospitality market with the renowned Sheraton brand, helping to meet the rising demand for high caliber lodging and meeting facilities in this rapidly expanding Austin suburb.

The ProHost® System is designed to improve guest service, increase productivity and lower operational cost. Hostar International, Inc. has been developing innovative solutions for the hospitality industry for over 25 years and continues to bring new equipment and processes to the market each year.

To learn more about theProHost® System and how it can improve your operations, please contact Andy McCabe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or today.