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Luxury & Boutique Solution

The ProHost® Luxury/Boutique Program maintains a "cartless appearance" in the guest corridor while providing the room attendants with a tool to significantly improve productivity and guest room quality.



  • Create a "cartless" appearance in guest hallways
  • Limit the number of trips to the service pantry
  • Provide the room attendant with the items they need when they are needed



  • Use small, specialized carts designed to go in guest rooms
  • Limit trips to closet only for linen and bulk terry items
  • Centralize linen, terry, and amenity inventories
  • Color-coded drawers in equipmentmaintain item location and quantity
  • Reduce labor cost with hotel staff focused on their primary tasks


  • Less time spent on traveling to closets
  • Managers manage, supervisors supervise, and room attendants clean guest rooms
  • Increased control over linen, supply, and amenity costs