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Mega Resort & Casino Solution

Consider adding power-assist to help your staff service large properties and long guest hallways?
Work with our planning team to design the most efficient distribution system.



  • Work related injuries due to pushing heavy carts
  • Uneven distribution of linen and terry in guest floor closets
  • Room attendant not provided with the items they need when they are needed
  • Supervisor and housemen labor used to run linen to floors



  • Power-assist feature to move carts with a push of a button
  • Centralize linen, terry, and amenity inventories
  • Accurate delivery to each floor and section using dedicated restocking team
  • Color-coded drawers in equipment maintain item location and quantity
  • Reduce labor cost with hotel staff focused on their primary tasks


  • Fewer Injuries
  • Less time spent on material handling, improved guest services
  • Managers manage, supervisors supervise, and room attendants clean guest rooms
  • Increased control over linen, supply, and amenity costs