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Power Assist PM-5A

power unit:

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Power Assist Mobiles revolutionize delivery abilities in hotel housekeeping and food and beverage departments. The powered Mobiles are capable of transporting hundreds of pounds of inventory effortlessly through guest corridors with just a touch of the button. Back strain and fatigue associated with moving heavy loads are virtually eliminated with the power option for ProHost® Mobiles.

ProHost® Power Unit Design Features:

  • Battery-powered motor operates with a push-button switch located on the Mobile handle
  • Front wheel drive and convenient free-wheel switch at the handle allow complete control of movement
  • Safe, non-leaking 12 volt gel-cell battery with an 18-24 month life
  • Batteries are fully charged in approximately 8 hours
  • LED light panel indicates charging condition of battery and motor status
  • Easy access to power unit components for service and part replacement
  • Standard grounded plug for easy charging from standard power points
  • Safety relay prevents power unit from operating while the charging system is connected to a power source
  • ETL and CSA rated